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Blog with daily posts on Web design and programming topics.
ASP.NET Weblogs
List of latest blog postings on Microsoft's ASP.NET site.
Ayende Rahien's Blog
Contributor to NHibernate and creator of Rhino Mocks, a .NET mocking framework.
Beth Massi's Blog
Numerous tips, tricks, videos, articles and tutorials on LINQ, Entity Framework, WPF, ADO.NET Data Services, MS Office development etc in VB.NET.
Coding Horror
Programming and human factors by Jeff Atwood.
Dare Obasanjo's Blog
Microsoft Contact team program manager's blog on social software, e.g. Facebook etc.
Discussion topics for, C#,, .Net Framework etc.
Eric Lippert's Blog
Microsoft Senior Software Design Engineer's blog focusing on security, performance and code quality.
Jeff Smith's SQL Blog
Blog with focus on SQL. You can post an SQL question to Jeff and he will answer it.
Joel on Software
High-level look at the software industry at large, plus plenty of content for developers, too
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