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Last Updated:
22 October 2019
Version: 1.3.2

Transporters' Register of Authorisations in a Database Environment (TRADE)

Client: Ministry of Agriculture

Period: Dec 1995 - Mar 1996

Role(s): Analysis, Consultancy, Programming


  • Provided consultancy on a RAD project following DSDM and using CA-INGRES ABF/4GL, SQL, C and Report Writer under CA-INGRES V6.4 on SNI RM600 running SINIX 5.4.
  • Developed all the screens and reports following weekly Joint Application Design (JAD) workshops with users to prototype the system.
  • Supported user testing.
  • Developed a data model using GQL 3.3.1 (via INGRES/Net) for use by power users.

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