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Last Updated:
22 October 2019
Version: 1.3.2

Certificate of Export, Notification of Trade and Assessment of Underlying Risk (CENTAUR)

Client: Ministry of Agriculture

Period: Jun 1996 - Aug 1996

Role(s): Analysis, Programming

CENTAUR was a RAD project following DSDM that enabled MAFF offices to issue export certificates, exchange messages with other EU member countries notifying each other of animal movements and allow the assessment of animal disease risks. Ambica:

  • Was engaged to design and write in consultation with users complex reports using CA-INGRES ABF/4GL, SQL and Report Writer under CA-INGRES V6.4 on SNI RM600 running SINIX 5.4.
  • Assisted fixing bugs that were identified during system test preparation.
  • Developed data models using GQL 3.3.1 (via INGRES/Net) for use by power users.

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