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Last Updated:
22 October 2019
Version: 1.3.2

Food Vulnerability Model (FVM) Project

Client: Ministry of Agriculture

Period: Mar 1999 - Mar 2000

Role(s): Analysis, Programming

This project implemented a new version of the Food Vulnerability Model (FVM) used by the Emergencies division of MAFF. It stores agricultural, food and dairy information collected from various external data sources. Using ArcView 3.1 GIS (Geographical Information System) and GQL 4.2 users are able to interrogate the database to assess the impact of emergencies (such as nuclear war) on national food stocks. It was written using:

  • SQL
  • C
  • CA-OPENINGRES Report Writer
  • SOLARIS 2.6


  • Was engaged to write and test programs written in Embedded SQL and C that loaded information from data files into the database.
  • Implemented enhancements to the ABF application used to maintain the database.
  • Was responsible as well for ensuring that the various software components of FVM were properly developed and integrated.
  • Installed software on the live server and PCs, including the CA-INGRES ODBC driver Version 2.8.

Following user acceptance testing:

  • Fixed problems found with the software.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Carried out millennium testing.
  • Wrote a disaster recovery strategy and plan.

Time was also spent co-ordinating project activities with the users and the third party supplier of the GIS.

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