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Last Updated:
22 October 2019
Version: 1.3.2

Ingres and Oracle Support

Client: Ministry of Agriculture

Period: Apr 2000 - Dec 2000

Role(s): Analysis, Programming

During the FVM project, Ambica became involved with the Ingres and Oracle Support (IOS) section of MAFF's Information Technology Directorate (ITD). Ambica has been responsible for support, maintenance and enhancements to 3 systems that Ambica has been involved with previously: FVM, CENTAUR and TRADE.

For FVM, Ambica:

  • Wrote programs to load postzone, gazetteer and fish farm data.
  • Enhanced the data load programs that create working tables that are accessed by BI Query, formerly known as GQL, so that more information is available to users.

For CENTAUR, Ambica:

  • Carried out miscellaneous minor enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Wrote a program to unload and load export health certificates for global editing by a PC based program interfacing to MS Word.
  • Made changes to the INGRES side of the electronic application forms part of CENTAUR that enables exporters to submit application forms via the Internet. This involved modifying programs to reflect changes to the security used, to enable applications for manual and blocks of certificates and to enable users to attach additional documentation to their application.

For TRADE, Ambica carried out major enhancements to improve the usability of the system. This task included analysing user's requirements, supporting user acceptance testing and implementing the changes in the live system.

As well as supporting the above systems, Ambica was asked to QA the C code of an external supplier that were writing a Uniface/Unidata driver for the Ministry.

Ambica was also involved with planning and co-ordinating the upgrade of all INGRES systems supported by IOS to INGRES II. Ambica also developed web pages for IOS to go onto MAFF's intranet site using Hot MeTal Pro and HTML.

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