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Archive for December 2005

Wednesday, 28 December 2005


Continuing the 'Why is C# more popular than VB.NET?' question (see below), C# seems to be preferred over VB.NET because:

  • C# programmers are usually more technically capable than VB.NET programmers.
  • C# programmers, usually coming from a C++ background, are already experienced in full object-oriented programming.
  • The source code for the application blocks in the Microsoft patterns and practices Enterprise Library are provided in C# only.
  • C# is a more elegant language and less verbose than VB.NET.

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Monday, 05 December 2005

Application Security TechNet Event

I attended the above briefing on 1st December at Microsoft London. This introduced Microsoft UK's initiative highlighting application security concerns that developers should be aware of. The first half looked at the measures DBAs could take, with a demo of the server configuration wizard available in Windows 2003 SP1. The second half demonstrated some of the new security features available in Visual Studio 2005.
Microsoft UK have an area on their web site dedicated to application security at This has a wealth of resources.
Another interesting aspect to come up was a blogcast that one of the presenters, Steve Lamb, mentioned that shows how to secure your home wireless broadband network so that no unauthorised users can use it. This can be found at

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Thursday, 01 December 2005

Why is C# more popular than VB.NET?

It's evident that there are far more C# contracts being advertised than VB.NET. Why is this? There seem to be a number of reasons:

  • C# is perceived to be a more technical language whereas VB.NET is seen as a more business oriented one.
  • C# developers come from a C or C++ background whereas VB.NET programmers come from VB6 or Classic ASP/VBScript. There has traditionally been a shortage of C and C++ programmers so this has been continued into C#.
  • But are there any justifiable technical reasons for C# being more in demand than VB.NET, especially given that there use the same .NET CLR?

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